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101 Quips and Quotes for Tweens, Teens and Twenties to win with

Ada Adeleke-Kelani

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Book Description

Being in your tweens, teens or twenties can be captivating, challenging and sometimes confusing. While some in these age ranges seem to have it all together, others have difficulties in identifying and/or accepting who they are and what their purpose in life is. There are many things that help people (of all ages) win in life, including:
 Willingness to learn, relearn and sometimes unlearn,
 Intentionality in decisions and actions, and
 Nurturing the right relationships – first with yourself

Book Review

The quips and quotes in the book are not just for tween, teens and twenties. They are life quotes for anyone and everyone. Easy to understand and great conversation points. Thanks Ada! Another excellent book.


Teen & Young Adult, Religion & Spirituality, General Non-Fiction

Reader Approved
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