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101 Quips and Quotes that will Charge and Change your life

Ada Adeleke-Kelani

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For each of us, it only takes a few words to make or mar our world for life.
This book will make a difference in your life. It will charge and change you, so you also make a difference in the lives of those connected to you and the lives of all who come in contact with you.
It focusses first on your relationship with yourself and God then on your relationship with others. It is proven that the most successful way to live is to live inside out.
You have what it takes to light up others around you

Book Review

Every morning, I start my day with reading something of high value that soothes my soul. I’ve added Ada’s book to my routine. The content of her book is soul soothing. It’s like having tea with a wise family member who gives you solid life advice (Gail on Goodreads)


Religion & Spirituality, General Non-Fiction, Education & Reference

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