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A Licentious Storm

Aziza Sphinx

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Book Description

Secrets creep into Gianina Marcello’s life through her first love, art. Her artistic escape becomes the backdrop of a budding romance with artist Neimiah Richardson. But as much as Gianina desires a life of roses and rendezvouses, a secret from her past returns to haunt her present.

Caught between lust and a murderous madman, Neimiah struggles to juggle the responsibility of keeping his Vampyre master sane and mending a sundered bond.

With their master’s control nearly gone, a vengeful ex and

Book Review

W-O-W!!! From the start you've spun a delightful seductive tale that is as romantic as it is erotic. The combination is sublime and allows the reader to share in the fantasy and the love of the triad. With the under current of danger and the unexpected twists this has been an amazing read!! I will m



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