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Child of Tempus

Winnifred Tataw

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Book Description

Rodrick is a prince of the ruling country of Diar. He has a face kissed by the Gods themselves, with deep blue eyes and long ruby-red hair. Speaking of Gods, he also happens to be the Acolyte of Time. Gifts and curses with this power give him control over aspects of time. And being a dragon-human hybrid has its amazing perks too. But since childhood, Rodrick has had a target on his back, and his insanely power-hungry father, Demon King Ryton, comes across as his closest but worst enemy.

Book Review

Tataw is extremely talented when it comes to her dynamic artistic imagery. She is able to take readers soaring on a magic ride, to the other side of reality. Called “IMAGINATION” Her seamless flow of present views within her characters, where they deal with alcoholism, mental illness, and addiction.


Teen & Young Adult, Urban Fiction, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Reader Approved
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