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Devul "D"

Ruby Wright

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Book Description

Amber, a city girl, is completely out of her element when her mom gets married and moves to a small town where her new husband resides. Only knowing her stepsister, Pam, she tries awkwardly to fit in with the slow-paced locals. She struggles socially until fate drops a manly piece of caramel perfection right before her eyes. He’s gorgeous, but so is she. This urban fictional adult novel is a tale of feminine city heat battling masculine southern charm. City girls versus country boys.

Book Review

My my my… I thoroughly enjoyed this story…reading about steamy fine men… I’m hoping there’s a continuation (Book 2) to this story😏😏😏
I definitely recommend…


Black Voices, Black Writers Workspace ®, General Fiction, Novellas, Romance, Urban Fiction, Erotica

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