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DISTANT DRUMS: The Poetic Writings of David L. Weeks

David L. Weeks

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Book Description

Distant Drums is a collection of poems that focuses on expressing a positive message toward uplifting Black People and humanity. Topics vary from liberation and social justice to inspirational, spiritual, love, & erotica.
In African tradition, a function of Drums is to send messages. Modern western drumming is often about entertainment. But, drums still hold profound importance in the African way of life. Within this Ancient Tradition, I present this book of Messages. Distant Drums!

Book Review

Teleportation, I was totally engulfed. Before I knew it, I had finished chapter 1. Chapter 1 made me go back and actually read the preface and introduction as I dove right in.
This is such an enchanted book…I didn’t expect to feel so many emotions and get totally lost in the pages. Bravo!


Black Voices, Black Writers Workspace ®, Poetry, Religion & Spirituality, Romance, Erotica

Reader Approved
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