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Escape to Paradise: Book 1, 2, 3

Kimberly Batchelor Davis

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Book Description

A successful corporate attorney, Mia who lives in a historic and stately mansion has her life turned upside down when her sister and her family come to live with her after suffering a major financial setback. Her unemployed sister, Lisa and her husband, Marcus are struggling in an unhappy marriage along with the care of their eleven-month-old son, Jackson. Mia desperately needs a break and her brother, Jamal comes to her rescue. He sends her to St. Thomas where she meets William.

Book Review

Parts of this story rang true because I know people who have suffered through postpartum depression. A gre depiction of the struggle of siblings along with the introduction of the baby Jackson and Bailey the dog. The trip to the resort at the hands of her brother was a nice touch.


Black Voices, Children's Books, General Fiction, Romance, Women's Voices

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