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Everybody Ain’t Your Friend

Lakisha Burkett

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Book Description

We all heard the saying “with friends like those who need enemies” right? Sometimes we are blind to the ones who smile in our faces but throw daggers behind our backs! You know the ones that shade you every chance they get! They try to downplay your accomplishments, because they decided to let the same opportunities pass them by. You’ll be introduced to Isha, she has it all together, very responsible, just on top of her game. That is until her so-called jealous friend starts plottin her downfall

Book Review

Good job, Lakisha! I loved the fact that this book touched on a lot of issues; jealousy, mental illness, self love, and there was a little romance thrown in the mix. Gigi’s part in the epilogue tickled me. I can’t wait to read more of your stories.


Novellas, Mystery & Suspense, Urban Fiction

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