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Parallel- A Collection of Science Fiction Short Stories

K.T. Seto

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Book Description

Who knows what is, what will be and what might be? Author K.T. Seto explores the possibilities in this collection of short stories. For the first time read all of her previously published Science Fiction shorts in one place and 6 brand new never before published tales. Enter into the world of what if and explore the depths of the human psyche. Find love, find hope, start anew. Tales range from classic science fiction complete with aliens, to cyberpunk and dystopian fiction.

Book Review

I was looking for a book I could escape into and I absolutely found that in Parallel. Each story is so rich and well-developed that you absolutely get pulled into each story. I was always a little sad when each story ended, but I would soon be wrapped up in the next. Definitely read this


Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Black Voices, Women's Voices

Reader Approved
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