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Patches of Grey

Roy L. Pickering Jr.

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Book Description

Collegiate dreams and dating a white classmate put Tony strongly at odds with his father. He is deemed guilty of the sins of ambition, loving blindly, and unrestrained optimism. When Lionel Johnson’s job and role as primary breadwinner for the family are lost, his bitterness is dealt with one drink at a time. Throughout the course of a tumultuous year Tony learns that the world is not as black and white as he and his father's opposing mind sets suggest.

Book Review

Pickering's writing is beautiful and poignant, causing the reader to become one with the characters, feeling their pain, their anger, and their hurt. Even though the main focus is on Tony, the novel follows each family member throughout the course of the year, creating in-depth characterization.


Black Voices, General Fiction, Male Voices, Teen & Young Adult, Urban Fiction, Women's Voices

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