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The Chateau on the Hill

Cecly Ann Mitchell

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Book Description

Rhys Le Noireau is a conflicted man.
His mother Astral told him a lot of things, but she never told him that he was heir to a multi-billion dollar estate in the tiny Caribbean island of Trinidad.
While Astral lies comatose in a Washington DC facility, Rhys discovers, not only has he, as the last surviving Le Noireau male, inherited the estate but the codicil of his Great-grandfather's will is explicit. He must return to Trinidad and live in the Le Noireau Chateau in Scotland Bay.

Book Review

A mixture of history romance and intrigue. I loved how the author took us back to the historical times in the island of Trinidad. The description and imagery of the locale was vivid. I loved The transition from present day to the past
was smoothly done .


Romance, History

Reader Approved
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