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The Struggles and Growth of a Man Part 1

Jamell Crouthers

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Book Description

A book about a young man named Robert who chronicles a poetic diary about his struggles through childhood of having a drug addicted mother and a deadbeat father. He is working his way through life learning a lot of rights and wrongs while being a role model to his younger brother. There's one man who cared about him and his well-being, his guidance counselor Mr. Marble who molds him into a better man, is a role model to him and shows him a better way of life.

Book Review

I really enjoyed reading this. The story is strong and very relevant to our times, and the poetic storytelling makes this unique when compared to other books in the same genre. I found the narrative to be very well edited and creative in many ways.


Male Voices, Black Voices, Black Writers Workspace ®, General Fiction, Teen & Young Adult

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