Titans of Corruption and Other Poems, Revised Edition,"Indignation"

Carl A. Robertson, Sr.

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“Titans of Corruption and Other Poems,” was written for those with an opened mind, and who also understand that our nation called the [USA] is falling further astray into corruptions, immoralities, injustices, and trickeries by some of those [rich with power] who claim to love this great nation; but who consistently demonstrates a lack of true empathy, compassion, and concern for all the inhabitants (no matter color, race, or creed) within America’s society.

Book Review

This book held me captive until I finish indulging my relatable emotions in it, it's full of wise words, it touches on the oppression of the poor by the rich, the debasement of the less-privileged by the privileged, and the annihilation of the masses by the rulers.


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