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Who Told You Family Was Perfect, Bria Twon?

Eartha Gatlin

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Book Description

Who Told You Family Was Perfect, Bria Twon? unveils the evolved and unapologetic life of 60-year-old Bria. Joined by her vibrant girlfriends on a transformative trip to South Africa, Bria's world is shaken by an unforeseen pandemic. As humor intertwines with realism, Bria, her adult children, and her imperfectly perfect family navigate the roller coaster of emotional highs and lows. With intimate glimpses into their lives, readers will witness the resilience of a family facing the unexpected.

Book Review

I absolutely love the book! It's coming from a well established woman who’s been through challenges with kids, relationships, wanting her own needs met but identifying the struggles of life trying to achieve true happiness. I related with the girlfriends because it shows sisterhood with boundaries.


General Fiction

Reader Approved
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