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585, The Number That Changed Our Lives: Raising a Child with Type One Diabetes from a Mother’s Perspective: An Insightfully, Informative, Uplifting and Encouraging Mini Memoir

Glorious Raine

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Book Description

585 is an open and honest memoir recounting Glorious Raine's experience as a mother of a type one diabetic. In it she shares the raw emotions she went through learning about her son's diagnosis the impact it had on her and her husband's everyday lives and most importantly how it affected their son. Through the pages of this book the reader will be immersed in Glorious Raine's personal feelings on the subject, receive insight on what it is like to raise a child with type one diabetes, and more.

Book Review

Glorious Raine's experience and knowledge on the subject children and T1 Diabetes really shines through the pages of this book and will serve as a supportive resource tool to those who read it. This book is not only good for families who have a child with T1D but also for anyone dealing with kids.


Health & Wellness, General Non-Fiction, Parenting, Women's Voices, Black Voices, Biographies & Memoirs

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