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A Woman's Worth 1

Jamell Crouthers

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Book Description

Brenda is a young, pregnant woman who is in her most exciting time of her life. Brenda and her husband are having a baby girl and the journey through pregnancy is shared from finding out to having birth. Brenda pens her ups, downs, struggles of pregnancy all while preparing for motherhood mentally, physically, and emotionally. It isn't until after she has her daughter that she experiences what so many women in this world go through….postpartum depression.

Book Review

Book 1 of Jamell Crouthers’ A Woman’s Worth series takes a very real and emotional look at the exciting and sometimes arduous journey of motherhood. It also serves as a potential source of encouragement for expecting and new moms through their pregnancy, as well as its accompanying beautiful highs.


Women's Voices, Black Voices, Black Writers Workspace ®, General Fiction

Reader Approved
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