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Broken Souls

Ella Shawn

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Book Description

Dark. Ella Shawn’s stunning use of evocative prose is the perfect contrast to the courageous, erotic scenes that give depth and structure to this beautifully written women's fiction novel series.

The Broken Souls series is a thoughtful exploration of intergenerational trauma and the complexity of being a Black, Southern woman with the nerve to proclaim herself as a wholly spiritual being occupying human spaces, all while living for only her soul's joy.

Book Review

This story is unlike any that I have read. The erotica in it is unique to the story plot. Made me want to know more about the characters and figure out why they're the way they are. The fact I live in Columbia made the story more real to know the area that was in the story. I recommend this read!


Women's Voices, Erotica, General Fiction, Black Voices

Reader Approved
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