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Sanusi Camara

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As a small African boy, Abou had to deal with more than a boy his age needed. His birth father died before he was born and then Abou’s step father died leaving him alone with his mother. They lived in a village where they were no longer welcomed. Abou’s mother was accused of witchcraft and Abou soon learned what people could be like when they were afraid. After a heated village meeting, the whole matter of witchcraft was resolved.

Book Review

"The most refreshing part of reading stories by non-American writers is that they often break western formulas. This is one reason why the now deceased Nigerian-British writer Buchi Emecheta remains my favorite storyteller. Now competing for that is Sanusi Camara." By Wayne Young.


Black Voices, Black Writers Workspace ®, General Fiction, Parenting, Urban Fiction

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