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Called And Chosen For Destiny: Knowing And Fulfilling Your Destiny In God

Joan E. Murray

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Book Description

In this book, Called and Chosen for Destiny, Joan Murray takes you on a journey to discover that you are called, destined, and appointed to accomplish great things in your life. You will uncover secrets that will lead you to the richness of the life that you are intended to enjoy. This book will catapult you out of mediocrity and into great exploits while challenging you to look at where you are so you can plan the right course to your intended destination.

Book Review

Called and Chosen for Destiny is a text that helps us realize that each one of us has been created by God for a particular purpose on this Earth. Jumping ahead, Chapter 11 assures us that God will prepare us for our assignment if we submit to the process.


Religion & Spirituality, Women's Voices, General Non-Fiction

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