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Cannibal in the City "A Black Love Detective Story Book 2"

Antwan Floyd Sr.

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Book Description

Black Love, a former District Attorney turned sleuth, faces a personal and professional crisis. After a tragic loss, he resigns and meets Trigger Brown, igniting a new romance. However, when he helps search for a missing girl, he discovers a disturbing trend of teenage disappearances on Chicago's Southside, shrouded in conspiracy. Racing against time, Black must unravel secrets and expose city officials to save innocent lives. Will he find the missing girl before tragedy strikes again?

Book Review

Cannibal in the City is engrossing, engaging, and riveting! I am in love with Black Love he is a no-nonsense P.I. who gets to the core of the problem using his own brand of investigating with him on the case one way or another the job will be done.


Black Writers Workspace ®, Mystery & Suspense, General Fiction, Urban Fiction

Reader Approved
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