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College Roadmap Essential Tips for First-Time College Students and Their Families

Dr. Greta Oliver

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Book Description

Easy-to-follow roadmap for navigating the journey to college with clarity, confidence, and control (for both the parent and high schooler)
Confused about how to get started with finding the right college for your high schooler?
Overwhelmed with all the fragmented (and sometimes contradictory) information provided that only leaves you more stressed and frustrated?
Looking for a clear roadmap that defines which steps need to be taken so that both you and your high schooler navigate the process.

Book Review

Dr. Greta Oliver’s “College Roadmap” should be a godsend for any high school student thinking about college, and for parents trying to help their children navigate a complicated journey.
Drawing on both good sources and her own experiences as a college administrator and teacher, student development


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