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Dear Butterfly...Wishes From the Heart

Natalie R. Murphy

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Book Description

It’s been 5 years since the tragedy of losing her boyfriend to violence and the abduction of their infant daughter turned Mya Stevenson’s life upside down. She, along with her two best friends Shantel and Toni have relocated to the small town of Jasperville, Il. Now the owner of Pages Bookstore and Café in the small downtown area, Mya has moved on with her life, with the exception of love. She has allowed the fear of loving and losing, again, prevent her from even entertaining the idea of a rela

Book Review

Great read!! Characters are very believable and realistic. They were easy to follow. I could imagine someone I know in most of them. It's a fun, down to earth read that is romantic and also suspenseful. I was sitting on the edge of my seat trying to get to the end to get the answers.



Reader Approved
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