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Katina Horton

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Book Description

Roots are usually kept underground, out of sight, out of mind, like the necessities of the Underground Railroad kind. Black folks have been digging deep down in those roots for years. They have been pulling up from the roots in their hair to the cotton fields, to what they now have to bring joy and resilience from the difficult struggles in life. Let Katina take you on a poetic journey of revelation as she digs deep down into her own personal roots and that of other women on the low end.

Book Review

Wow, this is a beautiful and moving book of poetry by a wonderful writer. I love her style. It is easy to fall into her world and see the world as she has seen it. There is a lovely emotional ride inside these pages. I could feel the authors joy, sorrow, happiness, regret, pain, love, and belonging.


Black Voices

Reader Approved
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