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Double Play: When the Game of Deceit Can Never be Undone

K. Redd

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Book Description

For almost every day of their lives, Ryan and Brian Wright have been inseparable. As identical twins, the brothers have gone through everything together. Switching places has become the norm - and little has changed now that they are married men with families of their own. But when one of them is shot and kidnapped after they switched places, it is up to the one left behind to take his place and search for answers. Now, the pressure is on to find his missing twin.

Book Review

This book deserves 5 stars! I was hooked from the very start! I love stories involving twins and this one was perfect. It was dark, thrilling, and suspenseful. This is a book you can not put down because you need to know what will happen next. Put this book on your to be read list right now!


Mystery & Suspense

Reader Approved
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