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Verkeya Lanece

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Book Description

The five boroughs of New York City couldn’t contain the depth of the love, hate, frustration, honor, trouble, joy, loss, and deceit of the four relationships that have become entangled around one march for justice.

Set in the backdrop of the nationwide injustice of police brutally and COVID-19, four couples would have to fight the world outside, while maintaining the world that was their lives.

Book Review

WOW! I finally finished Entangled and all I can say is that it was great! It was most definitely a page turner and I had plenty moments of both anger and joy! As I continued to read I realized with each page that any of these situations could be me or someone I know.


Black Voices, Urban Fiction, Parenting, Romance, LGBTQIA Voices, Religion & Spirituality

Reader Approved
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