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Essien of Alkebulan: Descendants of Fire and Water

Didi Anofienem

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Book Description

In untouched Alkebulan, Essien, a fiery girl in a restrictive world, awakens to hands that crackle with flame & superhuman strength. Destiny whispers of her becoming Goddess, but rebellion burns brighter. Defying tradition, she joins the military, first woman to wield both fire & sword. Mythical akukoifo guide her as she navigates ancient prophecies, warring factions, and the weight of her own power. Will Essien forge a new path for Alkebulan, or succumb to the destiny she's fated to fulfill?

Book Review

This book transcends all time and space. The build of the story itself with the in-depth characters left me wanting more. The imagination of this author is nothing short of amazing and I myself cannot wait for book two.


Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult, Women's Voices, Black Voices, General Fiction, Black Writers Workspace ®, History

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