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Faith-Full 31-Day Devotional Journal: Filling Up On The Word of Gpd

Tamisa S Lundy

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We all want to be loved and accepted, no one wants to feel left out, overlooked, or rejected. But the sad fact is that everyone on this earth will know what it feels like to be rejected. Jesus Christ Himself experienced much rejection while He was here on earth, and He’s still being rejected by some as Lord and Savior today. In this 31-Day Devotional, I discuss the different rejections we may experience in life and how to deal with it through Biblical Scripture.

Book Review

Reviewed in the United States on August 18, 2022
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I absolutely love this devotional by Tamisa S Lundy. She explains ways to tap more deeply into my faith in God in everyday situations so that my faith tank is running on full.


Religion & Spirituality

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