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For Worse


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After nearly two decades of praying for her husband and her marriage and watching it go from bad to worse, God spoke to Marlissa as she poured her heart out to Him once again during her devotional time. She took God at His word, and He told her to journal the journey. For Worse is a beautiful love story of how God showed Marlissa that He is both present and powerful in her “for worse” season. God's love and protection allowed the worst time of Marlissa’s life to become the best time.

Book Review

It is truly a “page-turner” of God’s pursuit of our heart! You did that sis! DM This book is an awesome transformation journey for me through your experience. As I pursue God He’s showing me all the love I so desperately needed. I so needed this book during this time. Thanks Sis. RAP


Religion & Spirituality, Women's Voices, Black Writers Workspace ®, Black Voices

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