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Her Man, My Sneaky Link

Chyna T.

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Book Description

They say you shouldn't put negative energy into the Universe, but Sharee learned this lesson too late. Imagine being released from jail, trying to get your life back on track only to be thrown back into more mess that threatens her happy ending.

Sharee McKenzie was determined to reclaim everything she had lost, including Kane, even though he was now in a relationship with her former best friend. Will she find the inner peace and determination necessary to overcome these obstacles ?

Book Review

Stayed up reading the entire series. I loved the writing and flow of the book. This is the suit for those who don’t want to read Hood love going wrong. I appreciate no drug selling and no mess outside of relationship drama that all of us go through. Author did her big one.


Women's Voices, Urban Fiction, Black Voices, Reader Approved

Reader Approved
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