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How Do I Learn About Credit?

Brenda Dupré

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Book Description

This book is written for the young adult (16-23) that is beginning to develop a curiosity about credit. This book walks the reader through many facets of establishing credit. It also covers what to do if they aren’t so wise with their decisions. The 12 chapters are short, relatable, thought provoking and provide an overview of the importance of being financially responsible. Young adults need to be equipped with the tools to make the right credit choices.

Book Review

“This is an essential read for anyone who is looking to rebuild their credit. Brenda Dupré has a way of demystifying credit and explaining in simple, direct, and accessible terms how one can establish, maintain and safeguard their credit. It is also the perfect length, easy to digest.”


Education & Reference, Teen & Young Adult, Business & Journals

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