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Hypothetically The Craziest Sh%t I've Ever Done?!?

TC Blackwell

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From a high-speed chase to winning the lottery to marrying a psychopath, TC Blackwell holds nothing back in Hypothetically The Craziest Sh%T I've Ever Done!?!, her bumpy ride down a memory lane pockmarked by unexpected — and often extraordinary — circumstances.

“This laugh out loud memoir is for everyone who wished life came with an instruction manual. If you come across one, will you share it?”

Book Review

"I am NOT a criminal!" I screamed to the judge as he delivered my sentence.
"Ma'am if you make another outburst in my courtroom again I will hold you in contempt ."
I shut my mouth quickly and rolled my eyes. As much as I wanted to jump across the defendants table and ...


Urban Fiction

Reader Approved
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