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I Was Just Thinking of You for One Thousand Years

A.C. Burns

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Book Description

“I Was Just Thinking Of You for One Thousand Years”— A Collection of Poems for Love Addicts is A.C. Burns’ much anticipated assemblage of poetry based on his experience with romantic affections and the pursuits thereof. In this offering, Burns envelops you on a journey of raw emotions that has the power to pull on every heartstring.If readers are looking to share in the vulnerabilities associated with loving another; they can certainly capture all of its essence within this book.

Book Review

As an avid book reader, the story is important to me. With this collection of poems, you get an undeniable feeling of connection between the pages. Each poem tells a story of love and heartache that makes you feel a part of every moment. -Shi W.


Poetry, LGBTQIA Voices, Romance

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