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Ignition 2084

Jordan Hampton

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Book Description

Ignition 2084 is a dystopian war epic that takes place 61 years in the future after a second Civil War fractures America. The remnants of the United States reorganize as the elitist and oppressive Kingdom Scarlet, and the three rebel factions that will fight for their right to exist by any means necessary. When full-scale war threatens to break out again, the Yaiba Insurrection, Yoroi Alliance, and Kabuto Sanctuary must decide if their freedom is worth the risk of destruction.

Book Review

The pacing is phenomenal with a plot full of twists, turns, heartache, and rewards that runs the gauntlet of thrusting and sustaining the reader into an all-encompassing, (yet not overwhelming) human experience.


Black Voices, General Fiction, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Reader Approved
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