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Just let her Dance. From the South Side to Broadway

Paula Leland

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Book Description

Paula Leland immediately grasps the readers’ attention & takes them on a journey through the life of the main character, a young girl named Patrice, who dreams of one day becoming a professional dancer. She is determined to make her dreams come true through hard work and dedication. Her journey is not easy & there are many ups & downs that she experiences.
The reader will laugh, cry, applaud, and yearn right along with Patrice as she shares the triumphs and obstacles she faces in her life.

Book Review

I loved this book, it is greatness in print. I love the way the author documents the many elements of her growth, success, and how she continued to improve herself. The author's humorous account of family, friends, & others, keeps the story positive & optimistic, even when many would be disheartened


Biographies & Memoirs, Black Voices, Teen & Young Adult, Women's Voices, Reader Approved

Reader Approved
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