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Life's Reflection

Liela Marie Fuller

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Book Description

Life's Reflection takes you on a powerful and emotional journey through the joys and pains of life. Liela's collection of poems is a poignant reflection of her 15-year journey, filled with love, anger, joy, hurt, passion, and pain. As she navigates the struggles of life, she pours her heart and soul into her writing, taking you through the twists and turns of life's collides, the strength and power of human resilience, and the beauty of healing.

Book Review

I feel as though I have been privileged to be invited along on the short tour of Fuller's life. I especially loved the Expose of a Black Woman and appreciate her evident self-love. Fuller is an example for all young Black women. I would like to see this as required reading in New Jersey.


Poetry, Black Voices

Reader Approved
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