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Lilies Bloom Lies Fester - An Urban Novella

C. Elyse

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Book Description

All families are dysfunctional. In consequence, the distance between truth and fiction is marked and marred by habits of discretion, and birth order. But what happens when secrets coveted and shared by and between family, the persons worthy of trust, begin to weigh down perceptions and distort the space between truth and the context of the damage caused? The youngest of four, Adeena McGoine, is fiercely independent, resilient, and anxious as she travels cross country to visit her ailing oldes

Book Review

Great Read! Go, on and grab your cup of coffee, or glass of wine and sit back and settle into it! This is a great read for anyone looking for a mini-escape with friends and family. The characters are relatable and instantly familiar. The reader becomes one of the family as events and secrets unfold!


Women's Voices, Black Voices, Urban Fiction, Novellas, General Fiction, Reader Approved

Reader Approved
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