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Making My Way To Harlem: A Novel About the Harlem Renaissance

Frederick Williams

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Book Description

"Making My Way to Harlem" will take you the reader on a trip back in time when as Langston Hughes wrote in his autobiography, "Harlem was in vogue." Novelist Frederick Williams has brought to life the year 1925 when men and women throughout the country were making their way to Harlem because it was the place to be. In the pages of this novel, you will meet the great novelists and poets, and get a feeling for the nightlife of Harlem. It is an outstanding read for those who love Black History.

Book Review

Williams showcases his deep knowledge of the Harlem Renaissance and the theoretical frameworks, artistic movements and debates, particularly around race. The readers will also be delighted by the introduction of many real-life figures, which is sure to resonate with lovers of history.



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