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Malkia and the Battle for the Moyo

Shakirah Islam-Gatling

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Book Description

Orphaned as an infant, Malkia knows early-on there’s something different about her. It isn’t just that she has strange green eyes and ebony skin, but her hits can crush sternums. Her jabs can break bones. Because of this she's reluctant to fight anyone. That is, until the ghosts of her father's past forces her to face her fears and break her vow of non-violence.

Book Review

Wow…this had me glued from the first 10 pages. Had it not been for nursing school, I would’ve finished in a day. Tear jerking, funny, just made me feel like I had a bit of Malkia, in me. Good read with all the emotions and danger you could possibly think of.


Black Voices, Black Writers Workspace ®, General Fiction, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Women's Voices

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