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Allaina Maria

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Mariah Janae Worthy, also known as “Pretty Riah”, had a life most girls dreamed of. She appeared to be almost perfect in every way. Mariah was a beautiful, educated pure soul with a kind heart. She eventually married Keith, the man of her dreams. Mariah always lived her fairytale life through rose-colored glasses. After the death of her father, her world turned upside down. Mariah’s marriage was the first piece of her life’s puzzle to crumble. Her sweet dreams swiftly turned into ugly nightmares

Book Review

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 1, 2023
This was an amazing read that was so very easy to relate to. I found myself feeling as though I was Mariah, I felt every heartache and heartbreak that she experienced.I absolutely loved the ending!


Urban Fiction

Reader Approved
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