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Matters of Convenience

Roy L. Pickering Jr.

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Book Description

Marshall yearns for Audrey but she sees a future with James. When her personal and professional plans veer off course, their relationships are shuffled. Can it work out with Marshall after he provides support at a critical juncture? Or is it doomed to fail when paths cross with James, secrets are revealed, and commitments are put to the test? Matters of Convenience examines the repercussions of unpredictable timing and rash solutions, asking if happiness results from choice, fate or serendipity.

Book Review

...a saga of relationships and the messiness that often accompanies them. The way this ended up playing out at the end was brilliant. I didn’t expect it, and frankly I need that in a book. My jaw physically dropped! Also, I finally got male POV, a switch up we love to see.


General Fiction, Male Voices, Women's Voices, Black Voices

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