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Miss Fannie Mae's Girls

Larry Batchelor

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Book Description

“Miss Fannie Mae’s Girls” is a Southern tale of life lost and love found. It is the story of an elderly African-American woman born in Macon County, Georgia, her ancestors and her descendants. The story spans a period of time from the pre-Civil War era in the Deep South up until 2009. The book parallels actual events in history up to and including the election of President Barack Obama. The story has the agony, pain, and suffering of racial strife throughout generations in South Georgia.

Book Review

Miss Fannie Mae's Girls was not just an excellent read, it was an excellent experience! It invoked such heartwarming memories of my own mother, grandmother, 'ants' and uncles from Patrick S.C. So indebted to this author, Larry Batchelor, for helping me to relive my own family's experience.


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