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Mountains Can’t Rise Without Earthquakes

Jacquiline Cox

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Book Description

In this memoir, Jacquiline shares her personal story of overcoming incredible adversity and emerging stronger on the other side. Growing up in a household where she experienced parental abandonment, domestic violence, and sexual abuse, Jacquiline struggled to find her footing in life. At the age of 14, she found herself homeless with no family or friends to turn to. Despite these struggles, she refused to give up and continued to persevere.

Book Review

What a read! Jacquiline Cox created a bombshell of a book with this autobiography. It was amazing to see her be so transparent with us about her struggle as a young woman in urban society attempting to form lasting relationships with many who devalued her, and some even tried to destroy her.-Melanie


Teen & Young Adult, Women's Voices, Poetry, Black Voices, Biographies & Memoirs, Black Writers Workspace ®, General Non-Fiction, Reader Approved

Reader Approved
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