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Ndyuka Man

Arnold Ward

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Book Description

It is a time of great hardship at home and Courcey decides to travel to Panama to work on the canal then under construction. Life in the canal zone is not easy. Death, disease and discrimination have claimed thousands. They stalk him every day until he fights back and is forced to flee the country in disgrace.
You will be intrigued as you read of Courcey's travels through the jungles of South America seeking safe passage home.

Book Review

5.0 out of 5 stars Captivating
Ndyuka Man is a gripping and intriguing story with unexpected twists in the plot. There is excellent use of language which paints a vivid picture of the desire of some men to break the chains of poverty and seek a life where they may fulfill their dreams.


General Fiction, Teen & Young Adult, Reader Approved

Reader Approved
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