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Pearlie...I Dream "Peace in the Home"

Yvonne Bardwell Cox

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Book Description

The first book in “The Pearlie … I Dream Series, “Peace in the Home” sets the stage for all the unique moments and occasions Pearlie will experience. Special love and support that is shown but not said all the time, between a grandmother, two of her daughters, and their children living in the same household. As you turn each page, you will be introduced to the eleven characters living in the house with Pearlie. She has a creative and unique way of describing her family and surroundings.

Book Review

Aside from enjoying reading this delightful, extremely well-written book, this book provided a unique experience to share “Pearlie’s” experiences with my grands. They were filled with questions about Pearlie and her family! Pearlie indeed came to life for all of us!❤️ Linda Milton


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