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Piece Keeper "A Black Love Detective Story Book 1"

Antwan Floyd Sr.

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Book Description

Teresa Prince a small-town girl with a big heart had dreams of working in law enforcement her goals are deterred when she is violated in the worse way possible. Will she overcome this tragedy and emerge triumphant with her mind and soul intact? Or will the mental anguish be too much for her to bear? James a twisted soul with ideals of love and grandeur with a woman that doesn't feel the same for him, at least not yet. That will all change if he has anything to do with it. To complicate matters w

Book Review

Piece Keeper is a Dark Urban pulp fiction novel with a nitty-gritty feel to it that reminds me of Raymond Chandler, or Dashiell Hammett upgraded, uploaded, and updated to the present time in some places...and a Dystopian future in other places. There are shockers and turnarounds all over the place.


Mystery & Suspense

Reader Approved
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