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Pushed on Purpose Living with depression

Teneille Knight

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Book Description

Pushed on Purpose living with depression is a book about Teneille’s experience with mental illness. It shows others that even with a diagnosis you can still live your life to the fullest. The words written in this book will enlighten, empower, and transform. It’s important to know that depression is very real, and it can take a person who was functioning very well in life and have them searching for their identity all over again. Depression was the force that pushed her into living on purpose.

Book Review

I’ve had this book since August but was just able to sit down and read it and I wish I had read it sooner. This book definitely held my interest and once I started to read it, I did not put it down until I completed it. This book was very emotional and made me cry.


General Non-Fiction, Black Voices, Women's Voices

Reader Approved
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