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Rainbow City

Joseph J. Henderson Jr.

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Book Description

God is still committed to us through all the ups and downs, are we able to be a reflection of His undying love to others?
As a boy takes a girl through a city called Rainbow City, she observes people loving and helping one another all while witnessing people make mistakes but persevere through those mistakes. She learns about God’s love for people and how He wants us to not keep His love to ourselves but share it with others. After learning such a powerful message is she able to return the love?

Book Review

The author of Rainbow City delivered an incredibly clear message of unity based on bible principles. The text exudes a gentleness that draws you into the story while the vivid, full-page, illustrations take you on a journey. This book is timeless and should be a part of every child's library!


Children's Books, Religion & Spirituality

Reader Approved
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