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Christina Williams

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Book Description

Suicide prevention publication. A young woman gives herself the chance to live, and because of it she meets her soul mate. The two are never the same again. She spends a life time through ups and downs, break ups and reunions loving her person. It’s a story of hope. Sometimes the best thing in your life is right around the corner. This text is meant to assist with vocabulary, critical thinking and comprehension building. It is backed by over 50 professional years of combined data.

Book Review

“I can’t stop crying this is so good” - Shawn (teacher)
“That book was the bomb!” - Mrs. D (teacher)
“I read it five times” -Arely (student)
“I really liked this” -Kiara (student)
“I tattooed a semicolon on my arm because of your book Miss” - Katie (student)
“This book may save a lot of lives.


Teen & Young Adult, Romance, Black Voices, General Fiction, Reader Approved, Women's Voices, Novellas, Education & Reference, Urban Fiction

Reader Approved
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