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Tales From Another Dimension

Robbie Sheerin

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Book Description

Tales from another dimension is a strange and fantastical collection of ten short stories. Robbie Sheerin is inspired by classic Sci-fi, invoking nightmarish twists and turns with each story. Travel to another dimension and meet strange characters, sometimes human, and at times not so human. They will make you question the solidity of the earth and mankind. Explore prejudice, fear, imagination, kindness, empathy, and human frailty.

Book Review

"With a voice of clarity and surprise, Robbie Sheerin is well worth the quick and wondrous read each of his stories provides, the insight into our humanity (or inhumanity) they present, and the lasting impression they leave. Indulge and entertain yourself!"


Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Mystery & Suspense, Teen & Young Adult

Reader Approved
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