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The Absolutely Amazing Adventures of Ava Appelsawse

Roy L. Pickering Jr. (illustrated by Erin Rogers Pickering)

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Book Description

For much of her seven years of age, Ava Appelsawse has wanted a baby sister. Or a dog. She would have settled for a cat. Instead she got a hamster...and an unexpected gift. A stack of wood left behind by a neighbor from which her father crafts a toy castle. It is perfect for games of make believe royalty with her dolls. And as she comes to learn, the castle is able to set her forth on adventures that are nearly beyond imagination.

Book Review

Ava is simply a wonderful protagonist for this story with her bravery and ability to adapt to whatever seems to be thrown her way, an incredible example for young POC girls looking for someone that was like them.


Black Voices, Children's Books

Reader Approved
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